Social Responsability and Environmental Contribution

People’s individual and social circumstances should be no obstacle to their professional success. The workplace can be designed to accommodate diversity and to foster equal opportunities. Vets&Wildlife is committed to these principles and has more than 2% disabled employees in its workforce. 

Several legal texts proclaim the right to equality and to non-discrimination on the basis of sex. Moreover, equality between women and men is a universally accepted legal principle. As such, we apply the same criteria in our company when it comes to our employment selection process, with the goal of hiring staff according to their experience and qualifications for the job in question. Our current men:women ratio of 1:2 bears this out.

Furthermore, 1% of the annual turnover generated by our services is donated to wildlife conservation entities. We comply with the regulations in force concerning biological and sanitary waste disposal.

In accordance with LEGISLATIVE DECREE 2/2008, of 15 April, which approves the consolidated text of the Law on animal protection, we safeguard their welfare.